Halal Wholesale Quail For Sale - UK Quail.

Quail is a very tender, sweet and delicate game meat. This is especially true of farm-raised quail because they are never subjected to the rigors associated with a life in the wild. Although they are raised in a natural setting, they are assured a daily ration of food and water free of harassment from predators. This insures that the birds mature steadily and naturally resulting in very tender and deliciously delicate meat.

UK's Only Fully EU licensed Quail And Game Processing Factory,

Halal Oven Ready Quail £1.35 Each - 4 Birds Per Pack 
Minimum Order 100 Packs ...

Here at UK Quail we offer the best of the best and can guarantee you will be pleased with this product.We work within the HMC guidelines to guarantee the production and supply of Halal slaughtered quail,together we certify all products to provide assurance to the Muslim community that all food's meet the required high standards of Halal.

We aim to continue this project by introducing new genetics and
new rearing programmes that both increase productivity and improve the welfare of the birds

� GM free diet
� All litter rearing.
� Rearing program based on Freedom Foods and Supermarket Chicken Standards
� Dedicated, specialized farms
� Capacity for 35,000 quails per week capacity
� 150,000 quail eggs per week capacity
� Branded, Own label and third party contract production
� Currently supplying major multiples with one or more products
� Produce both cage and "Free - to - Fly" quail eggs.
Only licensed quail processing plant in the U.K.
� Stretch Wrap and MAP packaging available

*Nutritional information for quail (per 4 ounce serving):

* 160 calories
* 6 grams of fat
* 56 milligrams of cholesterol
* 23 grams of protein

Other products include boneless Quail.

UK Quail is the country's largest producer of quail and quail eggs. UK Quail has breeding, hatching and rearing facilities and the UK only fully EU licensed quail and game processing plant, providing fresh and frozen
products for major retailers. 

For More Information Contact Mark - 07961509743